I’ve lived the better part of my life in the Midwest. I’m very much a Midwesterner and greatly appreciate the unique landscape and landform found here. Through the years, friends and colleagues from other places have referred to me as a ‘flatlander’. I’m good with that. I like the open space and visible horizon of this region.

My formative years were spent in Wichita, Kansas which I, to this day, consider to be my hometown. It’s where I’m from - it will always be. I earned a scholarship to study agriculture at Kansas State University and once on campus I found my way to the Horticulture and Park Resource Management programs. Ultimately, I couldn’t choose one between the two so I earned a dual degree in both.

As an undergrad, I re-discovered Landscape Architecture and was particularly drawn to the range of project type and the shift in scale which characterized the discipline. I liked the diverse and varied nature of the Landscape Architectural projects - ranging from very ‘small’ and site-specific to broad, regional analyses. It remains my favorite quality of Landscape Architectural practice - each day brings something new, varied, and unique.

I continued on at K-State as a graduate student and ultimately earned both Master of Landscape Architecture (‘96) and Master of Regional and Community Planning (‘97) degrees. In 1997, I moved to Ames, Iowa and never left.

For the first few years of my professional career I worked as an associate planner at Harrison/Hempe/Davis - a nationally-recognized camp planning firm.  For several years I worked closely with our clients, designing master plans and visiting project sites throughout the U.S.  I was named partner in my fifth year with the firm. In 2005, I ventured out on my own as the principal owner of what is today Neppl Landscape Architecture and Planning, LLC. For the past 15 years, I’ve served recreational, camp and conference center clients nationwide. Some of those recent projects are shown on my site’s portfolio.

I am dedicated to providing the highest quality landscape architecture that is sensitive both to the site and the needs of my client.  Environmental design and sustainability are keenly important to me and I strive to develop plans which support my client’s program, enrich the outdoor experience, and incorporate principles of environmental stewardship whether it is a master site plan for an entire property, the design of a new structure, or the development of an outdoor garden space.

I’ve completed greater than 100 planning and design projects in the U.S., including master planning studies for conference and retreat centers and for clients with single and multiple program centers.  My projects have ranged in scale from a few acres to greater than 1,000 acres and have included project relationships with not for profit agencies, organizations, municipal and county governments, and private landowners.

Thank you for your interest in my practice. If I could be of some service or support to your work, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

-Tom Neppl